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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I left a brokerage to be an agent at another, is there anything I need to complete? A: YES. You must first initiate your sponsorship change in TREC, once that is complete you will need to inform GMAR, please complete the Agent Transfer application on our applications page.

Q: I would like to join another Association or MLS, where can I get a letter of good standing? A: A request must be made to to have the letter sent to the recipient Association or MLS.

Q: Where can I update my phone number or email? A: Ensure you visit your Member Portal first ( and update "My Info" in the Member Portal menu.  

Q: When are the fees due? A: REALTOR® Dues are due every January 1st, and Quarterly MLS Fees are due every 1st of every beginning of every quarter. January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st.

Q: My. info does not seem correct in my Matrix, what should I do? A: If your info is incorrect, like the wrong office name, you may need to complete your Agent Transfer. TREC does not feed over to our Association so you must inform GMAR of ANY and all sponsorship changes.

Q: Where do I pay my fees? A: Your fees are all available for online payment via your Member Portal. Please visit your Dashboard at and click on Member Portal. Auto-payment is also available please contact 

MLS Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I add a street/subdivision/data point into the dropdowns in Matrix? A: Click in Links on Matrix, and select Add New Street/Subdivision, for any other field, email

Q: I received an MLS Accuracy Infraction notice via email. What do I do? A: Reply to the notice if you need clarification. In the email, the Directions box notes what was violated, and the Notes box provide more detail about how to edit your listing for compliance or accuracy. 

Q: I have an infraction in my Matrix screen. What do I do? A: If you are seeing a potential violation in your Matrix screen, click on the current violations button, to view the potential violation. Unless you received an email notice, you have not been issued an official infraction yet. Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) reads our listings for errors while reading our Rules & Regulations. Please email with your MLS # and the violation type in your screen. 

Q: I need help editing a listing. What do I do? A: For how-to support, you can call AnswerLink, the phone # displays on the top right of your Matrix screen. If you need help marking a sale or editing a past listing, email to submit a ticket for a listing edit, some documents might be requested, like a listing agreement or closing document. 

Q: How do I begin a feed request? A: Begin on Bridge Interactive from your GMAR Dashboard (where all the tiles are) and look for your vendor to begin. If your vendor is not listed, they may need to be invited to our platform. 

Q: How do I edit my contact info? A: You may begin in your Member Portal from your Dashboard. If info is not editable for you, please contact 

Q: I need help with an app. Do I contact the Association or the app? A: Please contact the app first, if the issue pertains with the data within the app, please contact GMAR Staff instead.

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